Sterilization Consumables & Testing Materials

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Sterilization Consumables & Testing Materials

Eto Gas Cartridges

Shiv Machinery provides ethylene oxide gas cartridges which are engineered to provide safe systems that are easier to use than gas tank systems.

  1. It is easy to use and cost-effective.
  2. Gives accurate sterility.
  3. No wastage-leakage of sterilant gas.
  4. It is safe to use.
  5. Physical Stage: Liquid
  6. It is available in 40 Grams, 100 Grams, 170 Grams & 300 Grams capacity.

Sterilization Reels

  1. It has Multi sealing lines.
  2. Non-Polluted Printing.
  3. It reduces the risk of damage of sealing integrity while loading, stocking and transporting and fiber peel.
  4. Certified Medical Grade Paper.
  5. It meets the EN868-5 Requirement of European Standards of sterilization.
  6. No Shrinkage – Retort Grade CPP Films used.
  7. Print with the water-based link.
  8. The film is available in tinted Blue or Tinted Green and Natural colour.
  9. Medical grade paper available in both 60 GSM & 70 GSM.
  10. It comes with two indicators for steam & ETO sterilization.
Sterilization Consumables & Testing Materials sterilization-reels

Bowie-Dick Test Pack

Packs designed to evaluate the performance of the air removal system of pre-vacuum sterilizers operating at 134 c for 3.5 minutes & 121° c for 15 minutes.

  1. It is available in A4 size paper as well as in a test pack kit.
  2. It is disposable and ready to use test packs
  3. Designed for Steam Sterilization at 134° c for 3.5 minutes & 121· c for 15 minutes.
  4. Accurate Color indicator changes.
  5. Can be kept as a permanent record.
  6. Pre-assembled for the single-use test.
Sterilization Consumables & Testing Materials bowie-dick

Tyvek Reels

TYVEK REELS are specially designed for the plasma sterilization process but they can be also used in ETO sterilization as well as other low-temperature sterilization procedures.

  1. One side Tyvek (100% high – density polyethylene fibers) / One side transparent films (it is easy to identify the packed items)
  2. It is Durable, Tear Resistant, Light Weight & Flexible, Water-Resistant.
  3. Unique Balance of strength & softness.
  4. Size as per customer’s requirement.
Sterilization Consumables & Testing Materials tyvekreels

Autoclave & Eto Label Tape

  1. Autoclave & ETO label tape is highly used in hospitals as well as in laboratories & pharmaceuticals to test sterilization.
  2. It is ideal for Autoclave Sterilizer & ETO Sterilizer.
  3. It will be easily pasted on load-material which is to be sterile.
  4. High contrast colour change is easy to interpret.
Sterilization Consumables & Testing Materials autoclave-eto

Other Products Of Consumables

  1. Biological indicator for steam sterilization & ETO sterilization.
  2. Packaging-Labeling gun with rolls for documentation.
  3. Indicator strips for steam sterilization & ETO sterilization



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