Dry – Heat Strilizer Dry (Sliding Door & Hinged Door)

#Sizes available from 50 Ltrs. to 4000 Ltrs.

We at SHIV MACHINERY deliver high quality C-GMP design in every aspect of the Dry Heat Sterilizer, We have specialized within the field of Dry Heat Sterilizers for sterile production since the late twenties and can proudly say that the current design is a result of always trying to apply to the highest demands of our customers. The DHS finds application for humidity sensitive materials such as glassware and metal containers that can be sterilized by steam sterilizers but cannot depyrogenate the load At SHIV MACHINERY, we assure the performance of DHS meeting the following specifications. STERILIZATION: Reduction of microbial spore forms up to 12 log reduction DE-PYROGENATION Denaturing of microbial endotoxins in the material


  • Inflatable Door Gasket for Sliding Door
  • High Temp Hepa Filter Inside the chamber.

Main Applications :

  • Glassware (Containers such as ampoules,vials etc.). Various types of humidity sensitive material

We understand production in sterile areas.

  • Neelam Industries depyrogenation steriliser are capable of performing up to 280° C, during the entire cycle
  • Chamber The Neelam Industries depyrogenation steriliser is made of stainless steel 316L. The chamber is fully welded inside, no leakage to the insulation can occur and the chamber is very easy to clean
  • High Temperature Hepa Filters High Temp HEPA filters are installed at inlet and exhaust side of the DHS. The HEPA-filters inside the chamber are equipped with full depth and height of chamber for suspension system solving the particle problem during heating and cooling.
  • Superior air control - Guarantee for complete sterilization Neelam Industries depyrogenation sterilisers operate in accordance with the forced convection principle with fast air circulation securing a rapid heat transmission to the load. The calculated air distribution plates ensure a unique temperature distribution in the sterilization chamber. The temperature distribution is tested and fixed before delivery and does not require any adjustments in the life time of the steriliser, accordingly no down time for re-validation is needed. The uniform temperature in the chamber make it possible to fix the setpoint temperature very close to the required minimum temperature for the sterilization.
Technical Specifications :
MODELS Chamber Size W.D.H. Electrical Load (KW) Capacity For 5ml Ampoules Capacity For

5.7 ml vials

DHS-01 865 X 810 X 1140 18 17500 15600
DHS-02 1200 X 810 X 1140 21 27000 24200
DHS-03 1200 X 1220 X 1140 27 41000 36800
DHS-04 1200 X 1220 X 1350 30 49000 44000
DHS-05 1200 X 1220 X 1775 33 57000 51000