Steam + Air Mixture Sterilizer

A Ventilator Is A Rectangular Or Cylindrical Pressure Vessel With Heat Exchangers Along The Side Curvature Supported By Inverted U Shaped Chamber Construction At The Bottom Of The Ventilatora Centrally Places Impeller Along With The Heat Exchanger Coils & The Chamber Baffle At The Bottom Comprise The Recirculation System. This Ensures High flow Velocity Of Steam Air Mixture During The Heating Period And The Desired Temperature Attainment And Uniformity For Sterilization Purpose Is Thereby Attainedrecirculation Of The Steam Air Mixture Also Causes Necessary Pressure Balancing Thereby Preventing Anydeformation Of The flexible Load Design For Installation On The floor ( For Loading With In- Chamber & Transfer Trolley) Or Pit Mounted(for Loading At floor Level With In /out Trolleys Or Automatic Loading / Unloading Units).


  • Large Volume Infusion/ Parenteral Solutions In Sealed Glass, Pp, Pe, Etc Bottles
  • Large volume infusion/ parenteral solutions in sealed PVC, PP, PE, etc. bags without "blushing" phenomenal or any color changing
  • Blood Bags (with Operation At Temperatures Below 75°c)
  • Pre-filled Syringe
  • Blister Packed Products
  • Contact lenses
  • Ampoules For Terminal Sterilization