Walk In – Incubator

An incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures. The incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity and other conditions such as the CO2 and oxygen content of the atmosphere inside. Incubators are essential for much experimental work in cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology and are used to culture both bacterial and eukaryotic cells.

Atom make Walk In Incubator’s are perfectly designed for the growth & storage of bacterial cultures, gentle incubation & conditioning and Media Preparation.
These Incubator’s are specifically developed to meet FDA/ICH stability requirements for accurate control and uniformity of temperature.

Atom make Walk In Incubator’s ensure consistent performance at any temperature within a range of 5°C to 60°C at an accuracy of ±0.5°C & at an uniformity of ±1°C. Atom make Walk In Incubator’s feature’s various safety, audio visual alarms, 21 CFR part software and a vast range of options.

  • Double walled with 80mm PUF insulated modular panels with easy on-site assembly.
  • SS 304 Interior & Exterior either SS 304 or External Powder Coated G.I.

  • Stainless Steel Trays (Perforated or Mesh type)

  • Observation window – 300 x 300 mm

  • Illuminated working area for clear Internal view.

  • Illuminated working area for clear Internal view.

  • Flooring of Linoleum carpet

  • Forced air circulation for uniform temperature.

  • CFC free cooling system consisting of hermetically sealed compressor coupled with evaporation coil, Capillary & condenser.

  • Complete Operations is driven through PLC with data logging capacity of upto 1000 readings with email facility & SMS facility.

  • High speed Ethernet based communication.
  • All operations through a single 4″ Color Touch HMI Screen with User friendly Graphical orientation.

  • High-quality make temperature sensor (PT100, Class A) for seamless performance.

  • Safety devices for Low & High temperature cut-off settable thermostats.

  • Audio/Visual alarms for deviations and corrective actions.

  • Human Safety: “Person Trap” button provided inside the chamber, which triggers Audio Visual alarm. The button enables the trapped person to come out even if the door is physically locked from outside

  • Power supply: 230/415 volts 50 Hz main supply. Also available with 60 Hz Cycle.

Each Equipment will have IQ, OQ, PQ along with Operations & Maintenance Manual.

Temperature Range: 10°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity: ± 1°C
  • Atom Webdesk Software.
  • 8 Temperature Scanners.
  • Stand by Cooling System with auto switch overs applicable for 430 litre & above models.
  • Door Access system (Numerical or Biometric)
  • Mobile Alert system(SMS alert)
  • 4 channel or 8 channel Remote alarm system.
Models Cap. in liters Internal size in mm External size in mm Rack Qty. Tray Qty. Tray size in mm Electrical load
AS/WI/SI400 4000 2000WX1000DX2000H 2160WX1630DX2200H 2 10 730WX625DX30H 2.5 KW
AS/WI/SI600 6000 2000WX1500DX2000H 2160WX2130DX2200H 4 20 600WX625DX30H 2.75 KW
AS/WI/SI800 8000 2000WX2000DX2000H 2160WX2630DX2200H 4 20 850WX625DX30H 2.75 KW
AS/WI/SI1000 10000 2000WX2500DX2000H 2160WX3130DX2200H 6 30 720WX625DX30H 2.75 KW
AS/WI/SI1200 12000 2000WX3000DX2000H 2160WX3630DX2200H 6 30 885WX625DX30H 2.75 KW
AS/WI/SI1600 16000 2000WX4000DX2000H 2160WX4630DX2200H 8 40 905WX625DX30H 3.5 KW
AS/WI/SI2000 20000 2000WX4000DX2500H 2160WX4630DX2700H 8 48 905WX625DX30H 4.0 KW
AS/WI/SI2500 25000 2300WX4500DX2500H 2460WX5130DX2700H 10 60 815WX750DX30H 4.0 KW
AS/WI/SI3000 30000 4000WX3000DX2500H 4160WX3630DX2700H 12 72 885WX625DX30H 5.0 KW
AS/WI/SI4000 40000 4000WX4000DX2500H 4160WX4630DX2700H 16 96 905WX625DX30H 5.0 KW
AS/WI/SI5000 50000 4500WX4500DX2500H 4660WX5130DX2700H 20 120 815WX725DX30H 6.75 KW
  • Measured with high accuracy Sensors at sample storage area with standard Set Point.
  • Custom built Chambers are available in any dimensions and capacities as per location & Customer demand.